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shanyin · Novice Yogin · Veteran



Sault Ontario
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  • Re: First jhana

    Not only do I not understand exactly (at least intellectually) what people are talking about who have replied to my posts, I don't understand why people feel uncomfortable with choosing to believe anything they want to believe about me and anything I have to say about my experience.

    Jhanas were taught before Siddharta became the Buddha. He experienced one and realized it was as far as his teacher could get him. They exist in other traditions if I am not mistaken.

    In Buddhism, they are when the 5 hinderances are bassically suppressed through concentration to the point that that those 5 are not experienced for even days, which is what was my experience.

    They are the 'heavenly' states.

  • Re: Buddhism & Superstition

    A Tibetan lama told me he thinks I was a Buddhist monk in my last life. A while after I became very obsessed with believing I was a monk, even going on the internet and thinking I was certain people in my past life.

    My mind became obsessed with this, and all sorts of superstitions were going through my mind and I believed in them.

    Not good..

  • Re: Sayings

    I picked something at random from "A TREE IN A FOREST" a collection of saying by Ajahn Chah

    When you see things in the world like banana peels that have no great value for you, then you're free to walk in the world without being moved, without being bothered, without being hurt in any way by all of the various kinds of thingss that come and pass away, whether pleasant or unpleasant. This is the path that leads you to freedom.

  • Re: Sayings

    Many of those who come to see me have a high standing in the community. Among them are merchants, college graduates, teachers, and government officials. Their minds are filled with opinions about things. They are too clever to listen to others. It is like a cup of water. If a cup is filled with stale, dirty water, it is useless. Only after the old water is thrown out can the cup become useful. You must empty your minds of opinions, then you will see. Our practice goes beyond cleverness and stupidity. If you think that you are clever, wealthy, important, or an expert in Buddhism, you cover up the truth of non-self. All you will see is self - I am mine. But Buddhism is letting go of self. Those who are too clever will never learn. They must first rid themselves of their cleverness, first empty their "cup."

  • Re: A relative of mine is searching for Ultimate Truth; why are we here? and has turned to DAVID ICKE!

    There seem to be two world issues that put the survival of the human species at high risk. The threat of environmental catasrophe and the threat of nuclear war. I would not look to David Icke for answers on these topics.