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USA, Left coast.
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USA, Left coast.
  • Re: Throw out the teachings of the Buddha

    Hmm...think of the Buddha as a little dinghy.

  • Re: Low Carb High Fat...

    Start with the big bag of choc-raisins - they're so rich maybe you wo't want the bar after that.

    Maybe you should give up the racing - seems like a good excuse for having big fat treats.

    Look up some IF/Keto youtubes that's what I'm doing and it really helps.

    I water fasted for 2 days and lost 10 lbs in those 2 days with guidance from YT.
    Try FledgeFitness for one; KenDBerryMD; ThomasDeLauer.

  • Re: Stymied in meditation

    I like your idea, @lobster. I was trying to formulate a response to @nakazcid.

    I was thinking to treat it like a koan and/or existential question: "Why am I bored?"
    Do a little free association with it, like MY mind would go okay, why am I bored? A: Because I'm sittin' here on my a$$ doin' nothing. Well, that's what I'm supposed to be doing. Why? and so on.
    Maybe it will help you settle in quicker - who knows.

  • Re: Moody Blues

    I can relate to the signpost.
    And the article was short and sweet - and I found it very helpful - I guess I've been approaching ripeness to actually 'hear' what he's saying about the emotions / moods aren't really us or ours, but an emotional STATE. I do believe I'd been living my whole life AS IF the emotions and moods really was an integral part of ME! Why did I have to get so freakin' old before I knew otherwise, eh?

  • Re: This Mod's New Year's Resolution:

    Some good points, @Federica.
    I'm content knowing (quote-unquote), that there are a lot of silent fans (lurkers) who enjoy the heck out of all the 'regulars'' and what gets posted. I'm happy to know (quote-unquote) that there are many of those silent fans who've benefitted from NB.

    I think it's true that the regulars can get a little too comfortable, but still, I think it's a big reason for our charm.