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USA, Left coast.
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USA, Left coast.
  • Re: Coffee ???

    I bought some cacao nibs off amazon earlier today that I wanna try in my coffee (among other things).

    A lady (Kaylah Cupcake) who lost a bunch of weight on youtube swears by erythritol she bought off amazon. She said stevia makes her retch.

  • Re: Buddha's Love

    I think the reason I was so taken by Buddhism is because one of the many books I read when I first had a thirst for more knowledge about Buddhism was Master TNH's biography, Old Path White Clouds. Please, just read it and see what I mean. And I deeply appreciate what @Federica posted above about Jesus. That helps a lot in setting the record straight about the kind of life Jesus led and the romanticizing of him that has been done in modern times.

  • Re: What's the best way to eat healthy?

    @lobster said:
    One of the simplest things is learning to drink herbal teas and hydrating. I do use canned stuff.

    For example baked beans yesterday for breakfast, but I washed the sauce away which is intensified with sugar and salt. Added hot chilli sauce instead. I also eat tinned sardines and tinned chickpeas. As for bags. We can get frozen bags of mixed fruit and also mixed veg which are convenient and yum.

    Good idea to wash the sauce off the beans...I was eyeing a can of them at the store yesterday (didn't buy). Don't know why I hadn't thought of that meself!

    Yes, the right ideas are to up fruit/veggie intake - BUT it's ok to butter them peas. Seriously. Cut back on the processed foods, sodas, juice (I water the juices down by 1/3rd).

  • Re: Death Clock

    :mrgreen: I can already tell ya - I'm way overdue!

  • Re: Low Carb High Fat...

    I saw that TT video a few months ago, thought it was good.
    Since then, I've run across a fellow on YT - "Butter Bob" - he's really good on the LCHF schtick. I've watched most of his videos - he originally only posted one or two videos on YT for immediate fam and friends, having no idea it would really take off. When I very first tried LCHF, I ate too much bacon and other things and made me feel a little queasy, so cut back on some stuff. But he has what I call masterful information - his research is deep on many things, including the history of doctors, nutritionists, scientists etc. who supported and experimented with LCHF.

    Hey @federica - Do you remember a few decades ago (when I was a teen), a commercial where the woman had a British accent and she kept pronouncing "cottage cheese" unlike any other? It sticks in my mind to this day! I thought she was gonna turn her throat inside out trying to say it. O.o