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USA, Left coast.
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USA, Left coast.
  • Re: Contemplating on the body

    I can't bring myself to think negatively on my body or anything else's.
    But this Gunther Von Hagen guy has succeeded in making me horrified and absolutely fascinated at the same time. I've always been interested in archaeology, and fascinated by series such as Bones.

    I've never attempted nor do I want to be disgusted with bodies of any kind.
    I want to learn more about how they work - I'd rather work on being able to observe the gory stuff without feeling nauseated. It's amazing all the people who have to be around it because of their jobs/careers and how it will affect them over time.

  • Re: My Left Foot

    Feet are a very good thing to have -- take care, @lobster.

  • Re: To Be[at] Or Not To Be[at]…

    @Shoshin said, ""I do like all sentient beings (even monkeys who like to chat)...But they can take their "gossip" elsewhere...for I've had enough of that"
    So what Buddhist techniques have you found helps you to stop this critical part of the mind from disrupting your peace of mind ?"

    Like the poem:
    I do like all sentient beings
    (even monkeys who like to chat)
    ...But they can take their 'gossip' elsewhere
    ...for I've had enough of that."


    I've just become far more aware of what's going on when I think this, that or the other.
    I'm able to just stop it in its tracks (often enough where I see a nice big change in me).
    There are some types of things where it's an automatic 'stop'.
    I noticed very recently that when I'm around even one super-duper monkey-minded person, it's easy to forget what I've studied (Buddhism) and how well I've been doing, and get pulled off-track. I've then decided to just go back and keep on being aware.

  • Re: Thoughts On Resistance

    I don't think what the Buddha taught and meant about resistance had much to do with the ambition it takes to do what needs to be done to earn a living and that whole scenario you mentioned. I'm pretty sure it has mostly to do with acceptance of getting old, suffering diseases/conditions, and death.

    Most people have some sort of cause(s) near and dear to their hearts and I don't think they're wrong for writing/blogging/talking/protesting, etc. about them. But it's been said before here - it's about what are practical things that can be done.

  • Re: Zen in ye anciente arte of Photos