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  • Fortocalley
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    September 24
  • IdleChater

    you said you are an hour from the Mayo. In MN somewhere? I'm from Duluth, originally.

    September 20
    • person
      Sure, I've spent a fair bit of time up along the north shore. Going to Grandma's restaurant and watching the big ships go in and out was a yearly occurrence when I was a kid.
    • IdleChater
      Grandma's is a treasure. Their wild rice corn chowder is to die for, and they also make a great Monte Christo sandwich. The old Pickwick on Superior St. was a family fave when I was a kid, but it changed hands some years ago and isn't as good. Sir Benedict's is still a great lunch stop. And of course, for lips-and-assholes fans, there's the Coney Island on 1st Street.

      "Going for a ride up the Shore" was a regular thing, too. Hunting, fishing, sightseeing. The cremains of my father, mother and brother are scattered on a small trout stream near Hovland.

      We don't get back much, but our business now has an event in Lake Elmo in May, so we get to see family and a few friends.
  • zorro
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    September 5
  • FleaMarket
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    August 21
  • Buddhistgirl
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    August 19
  • IdleChater
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    August 9
  • eddiethehack
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    August 5