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  • Kerome

    How cool that you work for Unity3D now, well done!

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  • PoetryFan

    Hi Frederica,
    I found a post you made to this group a long time ago and was moved to join. Do you still have the children's poetry book you quoted here? Can you give me some info so that I can find a copy for my family? I believe that this is the book my siblings and I grew up with, and I want to find a copy for our next generation. A LITTLE BOY'S POCKET

    Do you know what's in my pottet ?
    Such a lot of treasures in it!
    Listen now while I bedin it:
    Such a lot of sings it holds,
    And everysin dats in my pottet,
    And when, and where, and how I dot it.

    First of all, here's in my pottet
    A beauty shell, I pit'd it up:
    And here's the handle of a tup
    That somebody has broked at tea;
    The shell's a hole in it, you see:
    Nobody knows dat I dot it,
    I teep it safe here in my pottet.

    And here's my ball too in my pottet,
    And here's my pennies, one, two, free,
    That Aunty Mary dave to me,
    To-morrow day I'll buy a spade,
    When I'm out walking with the maid;

    Poetry Fan

    January 19
  • how

    hey federica
    I am sure you probably already know, but some folks were wanting a bit more social connection with their practice because their own sangha's were being limited by Covid restrictions. Since I was already sitting a few times a day in a room with a computer I said anybody who wanted to sit quietly with their own practice, could do so on zoom with us during those times. It is just 30 minutes long and starts at 7am or 10 pm PST. Three bell sounds signal its start and two bells end it. Your choice on whether you have the zoom video or the sound on or not.
    If your interested in trying it, send me an address and I'll send you the link.
    In gassho

    January 18
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    January 17
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