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Cinorjer Veteran

Hey Tom. I'm poking around, and realized there is this private activity thing here that I missed. If you're still interested in trying to self publish something, I can answer a few questions. How ya doing, anyway? It's hot, hot summertime here and global warming has people over 100 degrees now with bad storms.


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    Maybe it's semantic but I don't think if I had cultivated a distance from emotion and someone asked me how I was, even if I was aware of pain on some level, I would say miserable. Misery is a very de… (View Post)
  • Re: enlightened story

    IDK, the enlightened people I've seen or met all seemed to be pretty happy to me. They were not at a funeral, then. The truely enlightened people I've met struck me as nice people with all the baggag… (View Post)
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    So remind me again what the point would be in pursuing enlightenment (or whatever terminology you want to use), from this perspective, if one still feels miserable after? You're not attached to the e… (View Post)
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    That verse quoted above is nonsense. Buddhists back then struggled with the prohibition against killing and should people eat meat, same as now. Some monks have a tradition now of not eating meat, an… (View Post)
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    To an onlooker who has no idea what's going on, Cricket is a bunch of people standing around doing nothing much with occasional breaks. To an onlooker who has no idea what's going on, Zazen is a bunc… (View Post)