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HHDL’s views on materialism



  • kandokando northern Ireland Veteran

    @Traveller said:
    @Jason and @Karasti Wow and I thought this country (UK) was screwed up, the NHS might be struggling and very underfunded (my personal view is that the Conservative party want to screw it over to contract it out to American health care companies) but at least its free to citizens (both UK and EU) at the point of use. The only time I was homeless was due to being severely mentally ill and fleeing from my paranoid delusional pursuers. My rent is paid by the local council for a housing association flat and if your on low wages you can claim assistance with your rent. I'm on a decent disability payment to meet my daily needs as well. There is no time limit on unemloyment payments in the UK if your income or savings don't meet a certain level. All this was set up by the Labour Party to help soldiers returning from WWII. I'm bloody glad I live in Britain it's not half as crap as a lot of countries.

    With you on all that @traveller - in a way Northern Ireland is even better as most Irish hate the Conservatives almost as much as I do! Even people in authority here hate authority..having flashbacks to my Das Capital salad days during this thread, my partner and I manage to live on an income that would be considered poverty by many, even our kids! - but not by us.

  • kandokando northern Ireland Veteran

    Back to HHDL I think he's a remarkable human being who truly believes in lovingkindness - another remarkable person Mother Theresa once said when questioned on her statement that "everyone is Christ" said that yes, everyone was Christ, but sometimes in a very distressing disguise. Tolerance in action and having to deal?

  • lobsterlobster Veteran

    Here they both are at a book signing ...

    I collect imaginary Boddisattvas. I wonder if a few saintly nuns are available on the spiritual black market?

  • kandokando northern Ireland Veteran

    @lobster, if only they were! 😃

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