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  • Re: Book of Eights: Chapter 2

    Hello, All. Joining in a bit late--I got busy elsewhere.

    The teaching on "becoming" was especially interesting for me, because it maintained the focus of one's Dharma practice on the present lifetime. I read it as saying that, in the same way that questions about the existence of a god or gods is irrelevant to Dharma, so is the question about future lives. We should do our practice to become more liberated people in this lifetime, rather than out of a more abstract goal of evolving over future lifetimes.

    That is very interesting, in light of the fact that these are among the Buddha's earliest teachings.

  • Re: "Book of Eights" or Atthakavagga

    OP, are you keeping track of who's ready to go? Let us know when to begin.

  • Re: "Book of Eights" or Atthakavagga

    @DhammaDragon said:
    Almost on chapter 4.
    What I love till now, and that is consistent with the Buddha's teaching as I always knew it, is the emphasis in the here and now.
    No reference to other lifetimes from his mouth, till now...🐉👍

    Yes, that's what I found interesting. He said not to concern oneself with "becoming", and any afterlife or rebirth questions.

  • Re: "Book of Eights" or Atthakavagga

    I've read up through Chapter 2 so far, which is the most interesting so far, IMO. That's enough for now. Such a small book to generate so much excitement!

  • Re: Food as medicine - how to eat

    @rohit said:

    And ginger! Ginger is an important part of the Chinese pharmacopeia. There are restaurants in China, I hear, where one can take a prescription from the doctor/herbalist, and the cook will create a dish incorporating the foods and herbs the doctor prescribed for the patient's condition. Very cool concept.

    @silver Thank you for posting about cucumbers! I've always craved them, and eat them every day. Now I know why! lol I'm thrilled to hear they have so many benefits.

    Of course fresh, proper, healthy food is medicine. The thread title reminds me of a funny (but also sad, and outrageous) story. I got several free passes to a gym once, that was located in the middle of a cluster of medical buildings, so it was mostly docs and nurses using it. There was a bulletin board in the hallway, and someone had posted some kind of healthy diet info there, that was about including lots of fresh veggies and their nutrients and benefits. One of the doctors had left a comment: "FOOD IS NOT MEDICINE" !! (where is the :shock: emoticon?) I couldn't believe it. Apparently the docs there felt that if you were ill, you should take chemicals in the form of pills. and that food was something to be enjoyed heedlessly, like a form of entertainment, or something. Well, being the guerilla grrrl that I am, I couldn't let such ignorance stand uncontested, so I posted an anonymous response to that, supporting the idea that food was, indeed, medicine, a basic foundation to good health.

    Really, people, the stories I could tell you about doctors could scare you into never darkening their doors again.

    But happily, we, here, know better, and are on the right track. Kudos to the OP for this wonderful topic!