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  • Re: What are intoxicants in buddhism?

    I think it's down to the individual. Large/moderate amounts of alcohol barely touch me it, I have to drink huge amounts to have any effect but by that time my brain has switched over to autopilot.

    Caffeine on the other hand can be quite intoxicating even after just a small amount.

  • Re: Feeling Happy/Positive When Others Seem To Think I Should Be Feeling Sad/Angry

    Thinking about it, I suppose it's a prime example of mindfulness.

  • Re: Feeling Happy/Positive When Others Seem To Think I Should Be Feeling Sad/Angry

    I've had similar reactions before when I haven't wanted to go for more prominent positions or promotions or if I have resigned from similar situations as I have found I wasn't enjoying the role.

    I suppose some people equate a more senior position and more money as what everybody should strive for but for me job satisfaction, the fact I am helping others (I'm a nurse) and I earn enough money for us to live on is is more than enough for me.

  • Re: is wearing earplugs cheating?

    I also have tinnitus and the sound of my breathing is also deafening when I'm wearing earplugs so background noise actually helps my practice.

  • Test Of 'Faith'

    I think I've just had my biggest test of 'faith' ever.

    I came to Buddhism about three years ago and up until then I would pray or make a deal with god if life became stressful. I would spend hours repeating that deal/prayer and this scenario would happen in every similar situation. I would get no relief from the stress, if anything I'd be more stressed because I'd wonder if had willed enough power to get the outcome I needed.

    Fast forward to today - my dog is sick, we're talking one strong cough/sneeze away from death. My dog is the centre of my world, I know her life is going to be shorter than mine and my partners but she loves the world like I do and the love she gives inspires me to love the world even more. 3+ years ago I would be praying and stressing but now I'm just worried, very worried but not stressed. I'm not blaming my past deeds, I'm not blaming some fictional entity etc.