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federica · seeker of the clear blue sky · Moderator


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  • Re: I really, really hate it when....

    Passive-Aggressive martyr complex.

    She said.
    You know, the behavioural expert.

  • Re: Buddhists and Guns

    Lay the squash on a large sheet of plastic, on your bedroom floor.
    Climb up onto the wardrobe, and jump on it. You'll get plenty of chunky pieces, @karasti . Honestly, you're not very enterprising for a self-sufficient lass, are you? Do I have to show you everything - ?!


  • Re: GIANT God dam hornet in my room!

    @Mingle said:

    @federica said:
    a fucking lot, thank you very much.
    A two-pronged (literally!) attack, funnily enough, one on each arm, in almost the same places.

    I left the location pdq.

    They got on with their business, and I minded mine.

    My arms swelled up to quite a sizeable lump, but one antihistamine tablet, and half an hour later, I had forgotten I had even been stung....

    They like to keep thing's symmetrical huh? There's nothing worse than giant stingy things with ocd.

    Any particular reason they attacked you? I mean you did then say "they'll leave you alone if you leave them alone"

    It was on a camp site where I was General curator/manager. The washing facilities both for clothing and for people) consisted of a relatively open-plan building, much of which was exposed to the elements, which didn't really matter much as the weather in the open months was clement, sunny and usually very warm. The washing facilities (6 washing machines, 5 toilets and 7 shower cubicles) ran along the three sides - left, back & right - of the building, with a large open space in the middle, which had two large tables, and several laundry baskets underneath. The 4th side was open right across, but the whole, was covered with one large roof.
    The beams, cross-beams and roof laths were covered in by panels, like a second skin.
    I was clearing some cobwebs, brushing up in a haphazard way with a duster on an extension, and I must have disturbed a forming nest, because these two sentinels decided I was attacking them, and acted accordingly.

    I think, as a result of our contretemps, they must have decided it was not such a good place to build, because I never saw any again, after that....

  • Re: Am Bailing from classes! Can you guys be my sanga?

    He can do that! Lobsters crawl, don't they....?!

  • Re: Buddhists and Guns

    I saw a jolly hunter

    I saw a jolly hunter
    with a jolly gun
    Walking in the country
    In the jolly sun

    In the jolly meadow
    sat a jolly hare
    saw the jolly hunter
    took jolly care

    Hunter jolly eager
    sight of jolly prey
    forgot gun pointing
    wrong jolly way(!)

    Jolly hunter jolly head
    over heels gone
    jolly old safety catch
    not jolly on!

    Bang! went the jolly gun
    Hunter jolly dead
    Jolly prey got clean away -
    Jolly good I said!