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  • Bad Jew finds refuge ...

    From another thread:

    Now Yom Kippur is also coming, and that is the Jewish Day of Atonement (equivalent to the Christian Good Friday). On Yom Kippur we offer genuine repentance for all wrong doings we have committed and strive to make amends if we can with those we have wronged.

    I am a useless Jew. I was made an honorary Jew by a cyber friend in Isreal. I thought Yom Kippur was 'Yum Kipper' so was looking foward to it ...
    Even though I have taken hands (become a Muslim) I still think bacon is halalish or delicious. Poor pigee.
    I have also been through the baby drowning ceremony of Christianity (Baptism) for all the good it did.

    I am clearly unfit with such a record to take refuge in the three jewels. However I will:

    I take refuge in the Buddha, Dharma and Sangha

    Now can I have a happy life please ... B)

  • Re: It hit me like a sledgehammer to the chest...

    <3 B) <3

    Thanks Brian.

    Who can I forgive? Me for not being more forgiving. Another inspiring day in dharmaland ...

  • Re: Devas: Roles in your practice

    @Kerome said:
    My experience is it is generally healthier to assume that such entities are a manifestation of our own mind and state, and to detach and let these things come and go, just like manifestations in meditation can do.

    Indeed. Exactly so.

    It is possible to experience Deva manifestations as 'real' in special states of mind. The Buddha did whilst starving himself. Bodhi Muhammad starting hearing Angels whilst starving. Bodhi Jesus too met the Devil whilst starving in the desert etc.

    When they come for supper, then we might think them outside the mind ... o:)

  • Re: Devas: Roles in your practice

    @Carlita said:
    ... but how do you help the Devas? How does that work out?

    Not required.

    The Buddhas in the Purelands (Bless their Twinkling) will never tweet us BUT they will aid and protect serious practitioners and devotees.

    So ... we should help the three jewels, in particular making use of the Sangha if available. I keep all my Buddhas on standby. When required they do their thing. Here for example is Manjushri ...

    oṃ arapacana dhīḥ

  • Re: More Meditation Tips.....

    Here are the meditation tips I personally found helpful ...

    Q: Is the lotus posture or half lotus essential?
    A: No. These come from the yogic tradition and can provide a firm base or very often unnecessary knee strain or injury. Completely unnecessary unless one is used to such postures through culture, tradition or quasi magical superstitions about how the body works. The Burmese posture is quite sufficient if sitting on a cushion. Be comfortable. In time the reason for a more sealed half or full lotus may become apparent but in many situations is not required.