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  • Re: New and searching for help.

    Welcome B)

    Future practice? As you seem in need, what practices are you currently engaged in?

  • Re: Mx Angry

    I think you would be better off in the zone, rock climbing and doing standing or sitting on the summit @eggsavior

    I have only tried rock climbing once, had to be practically dragged up a quarry, I was so useless. :3

    Incredible concentration, flexibility, strength and athleticism required. Get angry with the rock? You fall. Seems a great possibility to conquer fear/anger/anxiety etc ... :)

  • Re: Book of Eights: Chapter 1

    Very pertinent @Dhammika

    The idea of a 'clarity resonance' with an underlying or permanent unconditioned state. Ignorance, impediments, cloudings, dukkha, karma are part of our false and temporary nature.

    We are in a sense a 'self created' from and on our focus. We are also free as the True is Real.

    We can differentiate between the qualities of 'clear happiness' and sticky, sense dependent, indulgent, ultimately dukkha dustbin 'happiness'.

    Let's hire the higher! Yeah! :3

    Normal service is now resumed ... =)

  • Re: Book of Eights: Chapter 1

    You will notice the emphasis on practicing/enacting the qualities:

    Awakening to the needs of our unpolished/ignorant/monkey being, also means enacting as much as the choice is possible, the virtues or qualities of the nibanna'd/nirvana'd ...

    Speaking from experience, I find little value in being:
    ignorant/unwise/trumpish/greedy/hateful/angry/fearful etc
    AND every advantage in being:

    • kind and caring
    • wise if possible
    • generating well being/happiness
  • Re: Simple (?) Question

    @silver said:
    ... can't we start at the beginning? I was lost right out of the gate. :3

    Once upon a time there was a Prince who had all the cake he could eat. Not happy. One day he decided to leave the palace and find out how to be happy ...

    Tee hee! We each leave, seek and if persistent find according to:

    • Right effort as opposed to Santa Claws delusions of [insert ineffectual behavour]
    • Introspection on our situation
    • Abandoning misery clinging

    What's the plan?