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ThailandTomThailandTom Veteran
edited March 2011 in Arts & Writings
Just spent a few hours throwing this thing together. I don't know where the inspiration came from... o.O


  • Nice! Did you make the background image yourself? Do you have a high-res version?
  • yea I created it on photoshop with some of my own photography and some pics from the net. I do have a high res version, but applying it to this board with my connection would prove a challenge
  • Amazing! I use to put images like this together, its very rewarding and your's turned out terrifically.

    In regards to the poem, I would say we are both creators and destroyers. I'm of the belief that nothing can be created without destruction. Destruction is what gives the created thing value.
  • This is true, but for the most part I think we destroy what is pure to create things that are not so. I am maybe thinking of putting a book together following a theme similar to this, think of this image slice down the middle, that would be the spine if you will
  • Ah, that's a shame. It would make a great wallpaper.
  • Thanks for the comments guys, it isn't actually finished, it's hard to actually say when anything of this nature if finished :/ But yea, I have tried to attach some things with a high res and it seems to never fully attach... sorry.

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