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Some impromptu poetry - ENJOY

TalismanTalisman Veteran
edited April 2011 in Arts & Writings
The pencil is wood
and graphite
The paper is smooth
Between them
My mind shapes words


In the budding dawn of spring
There are rainy days
and the welcomed symptoms of change
As the patient sun
warms the patient earth


I have stepped away from the road
and can't remember how long I've been traveling
Here on the shoulder
I watch others drive by
Very few even see me
and none stop to join
I leave my old vehicle abandoned
and walk away without farewell


  • Wow! I really like them!
    Thanks @Talisman! :)

  • Thanks @Jason_PDK :D
  • I like the first one the most! :)
  • I like how the psychological? mindset of the protagonist is fleshed out by the situation. I like all three! Keep them coming if you can.

    Do you mind if others contribute to your thread?
  • I would love it if others contributed. I'll be sure to add more as I create them. :D
  • A Recollection of Warmth

    Memory recalls the embers of the fire as dazzling
    and forgets the longing soothed and mesmerized
    Long tongues licking in darkness
    Sparks leaping on their brave voyage
  • *snaps fingers* I like the image of the fire
  • When the universe is closing down its doors
    It is really just the universe echoing
    Keep a light on in your door
    Not as a sign to the Lord
    And not in open rebellion either
    Perhaps just because you can and you wish it
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