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When is the Mahayana Buddhist New Year x

minimayhen88minimayhen88 Veteran
edited January 2012 in Buddhism Basics
Dear ...

I am trying find out what day is New Years Day for Mahayana Buddhists (Chan - Fo Guang Shan) to be specific.
I thought it was Chinese New Year on the 23rd of January ... but then I read it was the day of the first full moon, which looking at the sky is soon. So I am very confused. Kindly please help.



  • DakiniDakini Veteran
    edited January 2012
    It's "Chinese" New Year, which is also Losar, Tibetan New Year.

    edit: ha, I knew as soon as I posted this, someone would correct me. :) Thanks, Doug. But I think sometimes the two New Years (Chinese, Tibetan) do coincide.
  • BonsaiDougBonsaiDoug Simply, on the path. Veteran
    edited January 2012
    Found this on the 'Net:

    Buddhist New Year
    In Theravadin countries, Thailand, Burma, Sri Lanka, Cambodia and Lao, the new year is celebrated for three days from the first full moon day in April. In Mahayana countries the new year starts on the first full moon day in January. However, the Buddhist New Year depends on the country of origin or ethnic background of the people. As for example, Chinese, Koreans and Vietnamese celebrate late January or early February according to the lunar calendar, whilst the Tibetans usually celebrate about one month later.

    And from the Huffington Post:

    Buddhist Holidays 2012:
    Jan 9-12: Mahayana New Year
    Feb 8 - Nirvana Day
    Apr 6 - Theravada New Year
    May 5 - Wesak
    Dec 8 - Bodhi Day
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