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Having some problems with the site.

ZaylZayl Veteran
edited January 2012 in
It is nothing major, but I have noticed the site loading very slowly the past few days. Not to mention I have seen multiple "Fatal Error" messages that assault my eyes with lines of code. I'm just wondering if anyone else is getting this? or if it is just me?


  • Yes and it's slow
  • I use to have the slow issue, more recently I have two clitches where sometimes I post is doubled or it continues to load and load and won't post, so I ave to copy and paste, refresh and paste it again.
  • There are doubled posts when posting as well :D
  • The search engine does not seem to be very specific and it is hard to tell if you are repeating questions, it could be a bug.

    And I have had all of the above. Not that I am complaining, just letting you know. :)
  • ZeroZero Veteran
    yep - me too - but it recovers and I decline to send microsoft a report... not a huge biggy...
  • ZeroZero Veteran
    hahaha - oh yeah and double posts!
  • I was wondering why I was double posting ...I'm on mobile
  • Yea I often double post, but it is no biggie. Maybe my points will hit home harder!! LOL. Where is lincoln and brian, have they ran away :eek:
  • ZaylZayl Veteran
    Hm well, glad to hear it's not just me (misery loves company I suppose) Anyway it is not an experience breaking problem with the site, just a little annoying.
  • I noticed that when it appeared that a post was doubled and I deleted one they both went away. If I left it, only one actually showed up when the page refreshed.
  • Me too. I'm finding it more satisfying talking to the wind.
  • It keeps freezing up on me. Maybe NB is just too popular? :p
  • The double post issue is one I've been experiencing too.
  • LincLinc Site owner Detroit Moderator
    I just changed a setting to see if it's the cause. Let me know if the double posting continues.
  • I just changed a setting to see if it's the cause. Let me know if the double posting continues.
    No double posting now, but the site still keeps freezing up on me, like the server is getting overloaded or something?

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