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The Brain's One Dimension

comicallyinsanecomicallyinsane Veteran
edited May 2006 in Philosophy
I was talking to a friend about how the brain interprets dimensions. The common thing is that we see lenth, height, and depth. But that is not the truth. The brain only interprets depth. It kind of relates to the whole label thing in Buddhism.


  • not1not2not1not2 Veteran
    edited April 2006
    I'm not sure about the 'only interprets depth' thing. Could you explain this idea further?

    In my understanding, the brain or discriminating mind imputes all characteristics, whether it be length, height, depth, color, weight, and on and on. Those characteristics mean nothing to the eye, ear, nose, mouth or skin. They do mean something to mind (the sixth contact base). How the mind comes up with these distinctions is very difficult to pin down, but it seems to be related to past impressions, and the ability of the mind to single out phenomena and compare phenomena. Beyond this, I haven't really thought about.

    Now, I may be misunderstanding what you or your friend are saying. If so, my argument doesn't apply.

    Anyway, 'I got no time for the jibba jabba' (I like your new ava), so I'll end here.

  • edited May 2006
    I can personally atest to the theory of depth perception probably being the most important sense to the mind. The one experience I had that demonstrates that is when I got into a chillout session once, perhaps even floated over into meditation, but when I got out of it, not only had the migrane I had completely dissipated, but I was unable to feel my surroundings, just see. I got into my car and drove to university. I still didn't feel anything, only saw and reacted, depth perception was the only thing that saved me from having an accident.
  • buddhafootbuddhafoot Veteran
    edited May 2006
    I agree. I especially find it useful when my girlfriend takes her top off.

    Viva la Depth Percepcion!

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