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Really strange dream last night.

BrianBrian Detroit, MI Moderator
edited May 2005 in General Banter
I had a very vivid and very strange dream last night.

The dream started off "normal" (for me, at least)... It was sort of cinematic, and I was a soldier or something -- part of the crew of an aircraft carrier or maybe a naval destroyer (some kind of military boat). There was a rebel soldier who committed mutiny and wanted to take control of the ship, and so he started shooting everyone who tried to stop him.

In the dream, I got shot.

Normally, this is where you would jump up in bed, and wake up wide eyed and gasping for breath.

Okay, but that didn't happen. I got shot, and somehow I knew I had died. My body became numb and I lost all sense of pressure or weight. I can't really explain it. It wasn't exactly weightlessness, I felt as if I was still laying dead in some corridor of a boat, but I had no more "physical" presence. However, I was still partly aware of my surroundings. I didn't feel any pain.

So there I am laying there with a crewmate, bleeding from gunshot wounds, and dead (or dying).

Then, I had sort of "come back" a bit... I think maybe my heart started beating again and I knew that I was alive still, but I couldn't really move. The mutineer was all over the place, coming and going, doing things to secure the craft for himself, so when he came by my body he would step over me or kick me aside if I was in the way.

At one point he decided to deal with the bodies in the corridor so he bagged up the soldier next to me and dragged him away.

Then he came and bagged me up, but before that there was a very long period of me laying there, sort of half-dead. During that time, I actually woke up in real life, and I was overcome with one of the strangest feelings I have ever experienced. I felt as if I did in the dream - light, numb, ephemeral, kind of non-existent. I wanted the dream to continue, strangely enough, so I plunged myself forcefully back into sleep, and amazingly the dream continued.

So the mutineer bagged me up and threw me into some kind of a hold where I was partially submerged in water. This time I woke up again, and could not get the dream back.

I guess the point of the whole dream is that during my partial death, I felt totally detached and free. It was a good feeling :)


  • edited May 2005
    It's odd that you say that because I had a dream many years ago in which I died. Mine was much simpler, though. I don't know how I died, just that I did - and it was in this lifetime as far as I can tell. In my dream I was walking through the parking lot of my mom's church and I just knew my time had come. It was sort of like I fell backwards, but not to the ground. It was like I had just leaned back and was free. Like you said it was a good feeling, but I don't know what to make of it - or if I even should.
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    I have had some really strange death dreams before. I never knew what they meant. I mean I've been shot and stabbed. Its kind of scary!

    I've actually died in my dream and layed was like I was alive and looking around at what was going on around me, but I was actually dead and people around me were treating me like I was dead. I remember trying to wake up and my body was completely lifeless and numb. I could actually feel my eyes rolling around in my was so strange.

    Its a good feeling because you are feeling no pain..and you really feel like you have no worries..but in the same sense its scary because you wonder is that what death is really like? Or am I dead?

    Its crazy how your mind plays with your emotions.
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