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I really like this site but...

edited September 2012 in

I really enjoy to read this site, mas I there is a major issue for me.
I cannot sort the discussions by start date.
I mean, "quotations I found" "Interesting Buddhist site" - topics that are around for weeks and always hitting the main page.
It must be a way to get all the new stuff, new topics.
It's just me?
Thanks :)


  • CloudCloud Veteran
    edited September 2012
    @zentopeia, Although topics with new posts are put at the top (which is why the interesting Buddhist site one keeps returning), the new/newer topics are still closer to the top than old/inactive ones.

    So you'll just have to scroll down, because what you have is a mix of "new" topics and "new" posts (in existing topics) all coming before the older ones.
  • Maybe, the date is not that important. The discussion is.
  • @zentopeia, you can click on "mark all viewed". Once you do that only the new topics and those recently commented on will appear at the top of your list.
  • Thanks for all the replies. I understand that. I just think it would be useful an option to have new discussion/subjects on top/first page and not the recently commented (some topics seems to last forever... "quotation I have found" as example, was created more than 1 year ago... )
    hey, but if its just me... never mind :)
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