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Site review, by Xrayman.

XraymanXrayman Veteran
edited July 2007 in
Hi all,
I am a contributor to recently i decided to review Here is the text verbatim.

The advent of online virtual places to visit has moved into the realm of religion. Today one can go to church, view holy scriptures and even discuss the pros and cons of ones religious commitment all within the comfort of the home or office chair!

The WWW has all manner of Virtual temples and forums just waiting to get the web-surfer fired-up with brimstone or calmed down with some online meditation.

The website, allows people with little or no knowledge of Buddhist thought to get the good oil on the teachings of this 6th century sage.

As a practising buddhist, the website provides me with clarification on buddhist scriptures and a great forum to pose questions on philosophy and even simple good friends, something sometimes lacking in todays' society.

Started by the enigmatic Brian, NewBuddhist has something for everyone. A Buddhist quote of the day, with a straight forward 'clean' text layout style, that has contributors articles posted on a regular basis, and a forum section. The site boasts a 1000+ membership with many posts to the various well-moderated forums such as Buddhism 101, Buddhism for Christians, Buddhism for Muslims, and even Buddhism for Atheists!

All members are keen to assist anyone that poses a question or comment to the forums. As evidenced by the range of forum topics, it does not matter what race, colour or creed you are. Anyone could find something to arouse their interest, even if your not particularly religious.
So why not give it a try? Have a look, you will not be disappointed.
You may even find an occasional contribution by one Xrayman.

I hope it sounds encouraging!
kind Regards,



  • BrianBrian Detroit, MI Moderator
    edited June 2006
    Oooooh "enigmatic"... I like it :ninja: :D

    thanks for the review, xrayman. I appreciate it :)
  • XraymanXrayman Veteran
    edited June 2006
    Yeah I have never used that term before-but I thought I'd break my mold...
  • federicafederica Seeker of the clear blue sky... Its better to remain silent and be thought a fool, than to speak out and remove all doubt Moderator
    edited June 2006
    *Well-Moderated* that a job reference?

    Wow.... I'm nearly famous!

    :wow: :rockon: :lol:
  • XraymanXrayman Veteran
    edited June 2006
    Geez. You know, I try to be rather inventive with my writing and look what I have to do-stroke everyone's ego....teehee


    Federica, take it as a job reference-but if they find out who I really am, you may well miss out on the job.
  • buddhafootbuddhafoot Veteran
    edited June 2006
    You should have thrown "clandestine", "sagacious" and "esoteric" in there too!

  • XraymanXrayman Veteran
    edited June 2006
    Now BF is on the the guise of Mr. Thesaurus...MMM let's see who's next, Simon, ZM, Brigid then I reckon JerBear and eventually Brian again!

    Cheers all!
  • ajani_mgoajani_mgo Veteran
    edited July 2007
    Well Xrayman, you may be the first, but you are definitely not the last! :)
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