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please help a friend with a sanskrit translation

BrianBrian ModeratorDetroit, MI Moderator
edited December 2009 in Sanghas
I have a friend who is looking to have the proper sanskrit translation of a certain phrase. You can see exactly what he's looking for here.

If anyone is familiar with sanskrit enough that they could identify the proper sentence from the Bhagavad Gita that he is looking for, I would appreciate if you could take a look at that thread :)




  • edited June 2006
    "The Supreme Lord said: I am (become) death, the mighty destroyer of the world, out to destroy. Even without your participation all the warriors standing arrayed in the opposing armies shall cease to exist.

    Therefore, get up and attain glory. Conquer your enemies and enjoy a prosperous kingdom. All these (warriors) have already been destroyed by Me. You are only an instrument, O Arjuna."

    Bhagavad Gita, chapter 11, verses 31-33

    The word used as death - Kala - can also mean time or dark and is related to Kali, if this helps.

    And I got this from here, which looks fairly reliable:
  • SimonthepilgrimSimonthepilgrim Veteran Veteran
    edited June 2006
    Those who haven't read the Gita often quote Dr Oppenheimer without understanding what he was seeing. He had understood that, in this world, a field of action, the Supreme Lord is total destruction at the same time as the Creator and Maintainer. Like Arjuna, he is faced with the fact that he has to enable slaughter but, like Arjuna, he is both responsible and an instrument.
  • buddhafootbuddhafoot Veteran Veteran
    edited June 2006
    I don't Oppenhiemer was looking to quote the Gita within it's intended context. I think he was just relaying a thought of amazement at what he had just seen. I don't think there is much creation after a nuclear explosion. Or at least, what it creates, no one wants.

    A powerful quote nonetheless!

  • edited December 2009
    i cant seem to find the heart sutra mantra in Sankrit i seem to find it in english all over the place
  • FyreShamanFyreShaman Veteran Veteran
    edited December 2009
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