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Media on meditation

blu3reeblu3ree Veteran Veteran
edited April 2013 in Buddhism Today
I watch dr. Oz to keep up to date with all the beneficial foods. Recently he and many other media channels have been covering "meditation". I subscribed on facebook to oz and he asked for ideas for apps concering health so i threw an idea of my "ideal" health app. So i flipped on the tv and katie was covering "meditation" with deepak chopra and he instructed the audience through some basic practice of "mindfulness".

Seems like alot of people are getting into the most natural way to improve themselves! I think its great more and more people are being more conscious.
Thoughts on this please share.

Just curious how many people heard of "meditation" through a media source?


  • nenkohainenkohai Veteran Veteran
    The Washington Post ran an article maybe a month or so ago about wounded soldiers being taught meditation as a part of their rehab. Quite interesting. If I can find the link, I'll post it
  • black_teablack_tea Explorer Explorer
    There was an article either in the Wall Street Journal or NYT (I can't remember which) a few months ago on how mindfulness and meditation can help protect cognative function as we age.
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