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Venerable Phuntsok - NYC

rivercanerivercane Veteran Veteran
Hi all, this is my very first post here on New Buddhist.

I was wondering if anyone has ever attended the meditations and dharma talks given by Ven Phuntsok in New York City and if so what were your impressions? Is anyone here a student of his?

I only listen to the podcasts since I live over 2,000 miles away and am unable to attend but I can honestly say that it has been life changing for me. I've had an interest in Buddhism for a very long time and had made some progress in meditation before discovering him on iTunes but I experienced a major breakthrough just by listening to the podcasts.

There's something about the meditation technique he teaches - it's different then anything I had encountered before and I find it extremely powerful. Through his dharma talks, I have also been able to make progress in understanding advanced topics such as emptiness and dependent origination. Once I finally "got it", it changed the way I think and my view of the world.

I have only visited NYC once, many years ago, and if I have the opportunity to go back I would love to visit his sangha. If it were possible, I would like to actually move there just to become a student of his.

Please share your thoughts and feelings if you have experienced his teachings, even if just through the podcasts (technology is amazing) and the effect he has had on you.

Thanks, and it is good to be here.


  • EvenThirdEvenThird Veteran NYC Veteran
    I live in NYC and am going to drop in to his guided meditation in 2-3 weeks. I'll let you know how it goes!
  • DakiniDakini Veteran Veteran
    I wonder how his meditation technique differs from that of other TB teachers. Would you care to start a thread in the "meditation" category, here, and describe it for us?
  • rivercanerivercane Veteran Veteran
    edited June 2013
    That's so cool @EvenThird! Please let us know! Are you going to Three Jewels on Fourth Ave? I really want to go someday.

    @Dakini, one thing I can say briefly is that Ven Thupten Phunstok will begin with meditation on breath and then have you visualize your Spiritual Guide about a prostrations distance in front of you. This is seen as your Perfect Protector, who is the embodiment of what you seek and will guide you on the path.

    You then visualize your Guide coming to the crown of your head and showering you with blessings in the form of light. You then visualize your Spiritual Guide disintegrating into a point of light, entering through the crown of your head, and merging with your heart center.

    Also, Ven Phunstok is a member of the Gelugpa school of Tibetan Buddhism, studied at Sera Mey Monastery and received teachings from HH The Dalai Lama and many other high ranking Tibetan teachers.

    He now has a website available:
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