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Lotus Sutra Audio/Audiobook/Reading?

Hi, I'm completely new to Buddhism and Eastern religion in general. So even though I feel an incredible sense of tranquility from both reading and hearing the Lotus Sutra, something I never thought I would experience, I will admit that it is more pleasing to listen to it read to me than to read it myself at this point in my experience with Buddhism, as my brain tends to get tripped up in all the long words and names that I can't pronounce (yet). There's a website called SupremeMasterTv that has posted great readings of the Lotus Sutra for free, but the only problem is, they only have chapters 1-5! Does anyone know of an audio form of the full Lotus Sutra that I can listen to? I don't mind if it's broken up into parts, as long as all the chapters are available. I would prefer something that I can listen to online, and yes, I would prefer an English translation! I know there are audio forms of the Diamond Sutra and Heart Sutra readily available online, but I feel a particular fondness for the Lotus Sutra right now and would really like to listen to it in its entirety. Thanks so much.
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