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My Blog

ZenLunaticZenLunatic Veteran
edited June 2005 in General Banter
please check out my blog at

i might be inclined to keep this up if i get some response/feedback! :D


  • BrianBrian Detroit, MI Moderator
    edited June 2005
    good luck to you. I also have a blog but I am not disciplined enough to post in it everyday, or every week, or even every month :-/ So, it's quite negelected. :(
  • ZenLunaticZenLunatic Veteran
    edited June 2005
    Ahh..perhaps seeing writing as a means of meditation practice is what is needed?
  • comicallyinsanecomicallyinsane Veteran
    edited June 2005
    What is a blog?
  • ZenLunaticZenLunatic Veteran
    edited June 2005
    blog is short for weblog, which is kind of a self-published, usually self-serving, and never self-effacing, online journal.
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