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Incredible film

SimonSimon Explorer Explorer
edited April 2014 in Arts & Writings

Has anybody else seen and loved Ron Fricke's film Baraka?

Firstly it's visually the most stunning well shot film I've ever seen. It's a non-narrative and basically non-verbal documentary comprised of sequences from a huge range of environments and locations. I think you could say it concerns itself with culture, the human condition, nature and oneness. Aside from that it's difficult to identify an exact message on first watch.

It's something about the combination of the footage and the amazing score by Michael Stearns that is really deeply effecting as the film slowly progresses along.

I've seen reviews full of praise, but an equal number of critical responses too

If you've seen Baraka I'd love to hear you're opinions, and ask whether you think it touched on any values that are present in Buddhism? If you haven't I really encourage you to find it and watch it!


  • SimonSimon Explorer Explorer

  • karastikarasti Breathing Minnesota Moderator

    Yes, he has a sequel as well called Samsara. His films are intentionally themed in that way for the viewer to experience what they see right now, as it is, as they are. That is why he doesn't explain what is happening or where the scenes take place. That aspect is not really meant to be understood. They are meant to be meditative films, so to speak.

    Both are excellent. I watch them both fairly often after my meditation. It is like reading a great book, you get something different after each time you watch.

    When the search function on the page is working again, do a search for the 2 movies on here and you will find some other threads discussing the movies and various scenes in them.

  • seansean Explorer Explorer

    i LOVE both of those movies

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