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Retreats - the healthy aspect of buddhism...

anatamananataman Who needs a title?Where am I? Veteran
edited April 2015 in Sanghas

Taking time to get away from whatever is mentally distracting you or pulling you in and may be causing happiness or conversely distress or anguish can be very positive mentally.

I have come to realise a number of things by retreating now. Firstly, things don't go away. Secondly, things that you get involved with come back to you repeatedly with various aspects that you had not considered. Thirdly, returning to them with a renewed perspective reveals other aspects that you had not considered when you were overwhelmed with and by them.

If something you are doing, or are involved with, is causing you personal discomfort, may I suggest you take a break from it... you might feel better after a while!




  • robotrobot Veteran

    Yes, as you said, there are few things that you can put down, or retreat from when you need to, that can't be returned to later. It's a good strategy for being or staying productive.

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