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The Holiday

BrigidBrigid Veteran
edited April 2007 in Arts & Writings
I'm a big fan of both Kate Winslet and Jude Law and I'll see pretty much anything they're in. Also stars Cameron Diaz and Jack Black.

Good, solid chick flick that had me laughing and, yes, crying too. I wasn't sure if Jack Black and Kate Winslet would have any on screen chemistry before I saw the picture but they really pulled it off. Wonderful casting. Good character development and back stories. I loved the production design, especially Cameron's house in Brentwood, although Kate's quintessential little English cottage was beautiful too. If I had the choice I'd live in Cameron's house full time and vacation in Kate's place when I needed some tender loving care, warmth and homeyness. Both sets were a little over the top and deliberately stereotypical which added to the "magic of movies" factor and I thoroughly enjoyed the fantasy of them. The acting was pretty good and the plot was interesting and fast moving. The side story that causes Kate's character to blossom was gently moving and had me in sobs. I thoroughly enjoyed this film and recommend it to anyone.

I give it three out of five stars.
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