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Professor Emeritus Paul Ekman & Eve Ekman, PhD, On Emotions

ShoshinShoshin No one in particularNowhere Special Veteran

A while back @Bunks posted a link on "Atlas of Emotions" many thanks .... I had passed the link onto my children and some friends ...

I recently came across this youtube video of Professor Ekman & his daughter Eve, discussing "The Atlas of Emotions: Designing Emotional Awareness" (The Dalai Lama is also featured in the video)

I just thought both the video and the link might prove helpful for some members who are struggling/trying to come to grips with the strong pull of emotion's strings, and perhaps help them to go from being the "puppet" on the sting, to becoming the "puppet master"....well that's the plan :)

May we all be well......... with no strings attached :)

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