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28 Weeks Later

This is a sequel of 28 Days Later, and if you have not seen that, you may not understand much of this one.

The infection has run its course, and now London is being repopulated (in the Green Zone--ring a bell anyone?) Two children, who are vacationing in spain, return to meet up with their father, who ran out as his wife was being attacked by the infected.

The children sneak out of the green zone, to go to their home to fetch a pic of their mum. There, they find their mum, who has been bitten, but who is not showing signs of infection. It turns out she is somehow immune, and is a candidate for a possible vaccine.

Dad reunites with mom, but their reunion kiss is a killer--literally. What follows is not for the squeamish, as dad becomes infected and kills mom.

The movie kind of falls apart from here on. The first one was GREAT until they got to the soldiers and this one follows suite. The first hour is one of the best hours i have spent in the dark this year. the second was only only so so.

Possible subtexts; Americans trying to deal with insurgents (terrorism as the new "infection." The only response is to wipe everything and everyone out. (We had to destroy the village to save the village.)

Four stars.


  • BrigidBrigid Veteran
    edited June 2007
    Thanks for the review, Arctic. I'm looking forward to seeing it. A couple of weeks ago I rented a bunch of zombie movies and had a little film festival for myself. Great fun!
  • edited June 2007
    What did you watch?
  • BrigidBrigid Veteran
    edited June 2007
    I watched a bunch of George Ramirez (is that his name? THE master of the zombie flick? Really tall, old hippie with gray hair in a ponytail, lives on caffeine and cigarettes?) movies and some others that weren't memorable because I can't remember any of their titles and House of the Dead II. But now they've all meshed together. I should have taken them one at a time but I have a tendency to watch three movies back to back.

    But now my DVD player is on the fritz and won't play certain movies at all, like Black Christmas, which I found in the deep discount bin. But it's even being difficult when I try to play big studio flicks and I have to reinsert the DVD over and over to get the machine to finally read it. It's a pain and I don't know what to do about it. There's this man, John, who's a TV and video guy who comes out to the house when my folks have trouble with their satellite (I use an old antenna which picks up three stations which is more than fine with me) and he helped me set up the player when I first got it so I guess I'll call him when I've saved a bit of cash and see what's what. I really, really love my movies so I'll have to get on to it soon.

    I'm a regular chatty Cathy this morning! lol!!

    Any recommendations are always appreciated.

    Out of all the zombie flicks I've seen I like 28 Days Later best. I get a little tired of the tongue-in-cheek movies and want to see a really earnest take on the genre, a zombie/plague/virus/deserted-modern-world serious sort of film. Something sort of sad but leaves you and the characters no time to grieve because they're just trying to survive in the hostile new world. I loved Children of Men, for example. I want to see a film about the breakdown of modern civilization, the breakdown of high tech communication and travel and media and so on. I want to see creeping vines taking over the Empire State Building. We've waited so long to go up in a huge atomic mushroom cloud that it would be interesting if the end of civilization came more slowly and quietly, creeping up on us with the pulse of life and constant change and growth and death and impermanence becoming stark and clear.

    Wanna write a screenplay with me, Arctic? lol!
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