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Insight from meditation on emptiness

JaySonJaySon Florida Veteran

This will be my final post here. I wish you all the best on your various paths! I love you all.

I think I have uncovered something important from my meditations on emptiness of inherent existence...

Everything that exists, even down to the smallest particle, exists dependently as a Dependent Arising. Therefore, afflictions are nothing but Dependent Arisings. They depend on the concept of inherent existence for their very existence, so if the concept of inherent existence is removed from afflictions when they arise, solely by understanding that they are nothing but Dependent Arisings, then both the afflictions and ignorance are destroyed at the root.

So, there are some massive implications here. When you meditate on emptiness, it is not so much of letting go of the idea of an inherently existent self as much as it is simply understanding that everything that arises is a Dependent Arising. Understanding that everything that arises is a Dependent Arising cuts the root of ignorance.

So, although the object of inherent existence is being negated, it's done through merely seeing and understanding everything that arises as a Dependent Arising.

I'll continue to follow this logic and see where it goes in my practice. So far I'm feeling happier and happier, as if I'm emptying out somehow, as if making more room for love to shine. It feels like compassion, so I think it feels like the right direction to follow.

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