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Guided Meditations - A Repository

adamcrossleyadamcrossley VeteranUK Veteran

A place for sharing guided meditations that are freely available online.

Please include the speaker's name and tradition and the subject and length of the meditation.

Calm | Ease by Thich Nhat Hanh, Plum Village Tradition
A series of gathas to be repeated with the in and out breaths, beginning with simple mindfulness of the breath itself.
37 minutes

Guided Meditation on Mindfulness of Breathing by Yanai Postelnik, Gaia House Insight Meditation
A very grounding meditation on the body and breath.
27 minutes

Body Sweeping and Body Awareness Meditation by Ajahn Achalo, Thai Forest Tradition
Bringing awareness to the sitting posture and proceeding to scan the whole body.
35 minutes

I hope these will be of use to someone :)

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