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Hare Krishne

emmakemmak Veteran
edited June 2005 in Faith & Religion
Does anybody know wnything about Hare Krishne andd their faith?


  • BrianBrian Detroit, MI Moderator
    edited June 2005
    I know a little bit about it, but only what I've read in the book called Monkey On A Stick, which was actually intended to be an exposé of the "bad" side of things (the Krishna cult in America during the 60's and 70's under the direction of Kirtanananda). It seems as if perhaps, as with many paths, the people involved became corrupted by greed, and in the end it was more about money than it was about God.
  • comicallyinsanecomicallyinsane Veteran
    edited June 2005
    When I was in San Diego 5 years ago they were singing all around the gas lamp district. It was really cool to watch. They were in a single file dancing and singing down the street.
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