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Skunk Hunting

BrianBrian Detroit, MI Moderator
edited September 2009 in Arts & Writings
I took my kids with me tonight; after all my tales of seeing skunks, they wanted to see one... Continue reading


  • edited September 2009
    "Truth in the context of compassion" to them means that one learn to be honest and genuine, not hold back, but do so in a compassionate manner, that is, with unconditional positive regard. Some especially at the beginning of such a training exercise will want to be "polite" and not risk anything. But there are some who will hold religious or spiritual values above their supposedly "lower" responses and not be forthcoming about what is called the "truth" here for the sake of training.

    That one is in truth angered, or bitter, or resentful, to stay with one feeling tone may be difficult to work with and it may be easier to "bypass" it, sorry Simon. Rather should I say squelch the honest to goodness real experience and cover it over with sweetness and light, meanwhile there is a smoldering fire below.
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