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Things changed

BrianBrian Detroit, MI Moderator
edited May 2009 in Arts & Writings
My friend Reggie's brother died. Instead of mourning tonight... Continue reading


  • edited May 2009
    I need to do this with smoking, and a number of other things.... I think the number of other things seem to outweigh the importance of not smoking, which may or may not be a good thing. I know that the other habits are things I need to get rid of and I do subconsciously put myself in positions to get rid of them, but ultimately, smoking needs to go, especially since I recently have been diagnosed with diabetes. I don't know what else to say but your post compelled me to register and relate my feelings for this topic. I know we've conversed before (and met) through Twitter, but I support the things you're doing and want to make sure that you know it.

    Drew Parfitt
    aka Doctor Drizzle
    (insert 20 affiliations here)
  • BrianBrian Detroit, MI Moderator
    edited May 2009
    Thanks for posting, Drew. I am delighted when people let me know that they read my blogs, much less say that it connected with them somehow.

    I come from a family of diabetics, and I'll tell you that the looming specter of diabetes is one of the things that compelled me to severely cut down on sugar in my diet; I started drinking black coffee, I started facing my chocolate addiction, and I've completely switched from white bread to getting as many whole grains as possible. I think about it a lot, and genetics and statistics say I'll probably be diabetic when I'm older. I figure, if I start making the changes to my diet now they won't be such a shock when I have to do it.

    Your comments mean a lot to me. Thank you.
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