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BrianBrian Detroit, MI Moderator
edited May 2009 in Arts & Writings
Like her ugly step-sister Discouragement, our fair lady Encouragement is an intermittent guest... Continue reading


  • edited May 2009
    Great work man.

    You're right, pants falling down are an incredible motivator. Be prepared though, as you continue to progress. Losing weight is expensive. You'll need to buy a new belt (or a belt period), new pairs of pants, eventually new shirts. When you keep at it long enough, you'll find yourself buying an entirely new wardrobe for yourself.

    But that's money happily spent!

    It's easy to focus on the negative while running. I do it all too often. It hurts your performance. But you're learning the true counteraction to that. Positive thoughts. Think of what you're going to become, how people will think of you, ect. It helps add that boost at times when you need it most.

    It's kind of stupid, but I envision myself in situations requiring the run. Sometimes I see the end goal of my run far in the distance, and I make myself think that I'm in a marathon or something, with friends and colleagues at the line awaiting celebration. Or that I'm in a movie or a doomsday scenario running to save my life (or perhaps that of another person).

    Man, it seems even stupider in writing.

    But that kind of crap keeps your mind busy, and before long you forget your running and how much it sucks, and you find yourself at the finish.

    I've got a ridiculously active and visual mind. It wanders when I run, and it certainly helps.
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