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The pressure is on

BrianBrian Detroit, MI Moderator
edited May 2009 in Arts & Writings
Things are heating up... Continue reading


  • edited May 2009
    I'm throwing a little party for you. A "yay, Brian is feelin' gooood about himself" partay.
  • edited May 2009
    I'm just pumped to meet this 'Brian of old' that I keep hearing about next week :D

    Like before, noticeable differences are the greatest motivators in a quest like this.

    And you're apparently reached a point where you're not willing to compromise your goal now. You don't think twice about turning down food, snacks, and the like. That's a GREAT place to be. Keep at it.

    We must walk in LA. I can't wait. I love that city, I know some cool places we can walk.

    Also, a quick note. This time of year, watch out for ticks. I don't know if they're as bad in the D as they are around here, but try and stay out of tall grass. I've been bit by a few before when getting into tall grass. They suck in more ways than one.
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