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Interesting website about a proper diet...

edited July 2005 in General Banter
Since we have all been talking about whether or not to be vegetarian lately, I thought some of you might find this link interesting:

Just wanted to share that with you! :) Let me know what you think.


  • comicallyinsanecomicallyinsane Veteran
    edited July 2005
    Very good diet if you can eat that kind of stuff. I wish i could. :(
  • edited July 2005
    I wish you could too!! I can't imagine not being able to eat fruits and vegetables. Especially during summer when it all tastes so good! Sorry - I am probably not helping, am I?
  • comicallyinsanecomicallyinsane Veteran
    edited July 2005
    Not really. I don't know what I am missing really.
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