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Alchemy and the Buddha's teachings

JasonJason God EmperorArrakis Moderator
edited July 2005 in Faith & Religion

This is a link to a text supposedly discovered in Egypt and recently translated. I cannot verify the truth of any of this, but it is worth reading.

Now, the purpose of this post is to point out some of the similarities between what this ancient text describes and the Buddha's teachings.

I, unfortunatly, cannot post any excerpts from it because it is copyrighted, so just be aware while you're reading the text of references to "mind", "continuous circles" (samsara), "man made rules opposed to rules of everything" (our rules opposed to the laws of Dhamma?), "freedom", "middle", etc.

Now please be careful,and look for the hidden/symbolic meanings in this text. Do not just take each word as having only one value. Alchemical texts are always filled with metaphors and such. Amon, for example, does not necessarily refer to an eternal God. He is refered to as the "awakened lord". Just keep an open mind and compare the two. I think that if you do ,you may find some interesting parallels. Anyone interested in comparative religions might be especially pleased.

I hope you enjoy reading this text no matter what you get out of it. It is interesting in it's own right through antiquity if nothing else.


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    Elohim wrote:
    Anyone interested in comparative religions might be especially pleased.

    Sounds like Simon's cup of tea!
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