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Poem - Stay awake littl'un

edited September 2009 in Arts & Writings
Something I posted on my redbubble pages last night and that I wanted to share with you guys:

Knowing what I do now, having turned to buddhism and found so much love and understanding there, romantic love is (for me) like a nicely tinted light that we sometimes experience and cast over our lives and the world, as we see it.

I wanted to write this to remind me (as though I were a little girl again, reporting my first crush to my mother) to stay awake to the joys of the world and keep things in proportion.

Otherwise, I know from experience, you invest a lot in a human being (like any other) and become blind to the pure, objective joys of the world and everything without that person feels grey. To me that’s not love. It’s delusion.

Stay awake littl'un

Stay awake
Keep breathing
Wriggle your toes.
Remember the clouds above
and how you marvelled at them that time
looking out of the aeroplane window.
Mouth wide open at their beauty.

Feet on the ground
Breathe deeply
It’s love.
But it can’t block out
the dewy grass beneath you
and the way the rain glints
on every surface.

Hold tight
Be patient
as the world turns.
Time won’t keep up
with your beating heart
and your rasping breath.
Won’t sympathise with your feelings of lust.

If you choose to seek refuge in
the cave that is love*:
That’s dark and cloudy with your imagination.
Don’t come crying, that
you can’t see the clouds
can’t feel the dew.
Can’t breathe.

Can’t stay awake.

* This refers to the Westernised concept of romantic love, of course


  • LesCLesC Bermuda Veteran
    edited August 2009
    Wonderful!!! That is terrific! Thank you for sharing that. We definitely need to just pay attention to what's going on around us, and that in many ways we are surronded by love.

    Last night while lying in bed watching TV, my Siamese cat (Thai Chi) couldn't get close enough to me, he had to lie practically on my face, constantly pressing his face into mine. I was initially annoyed because he was making it very difficult to watch TV, but then it hit me...

    I have the most wonderful cat in the world, he absolutely loves me to death, I have the most wonderful wife in the world, my problem son has turned out to be the joy of my life, I have a grandson who just takes my breath away, I have dear and true friends who enrich my life beyond measure and I am at peace with who I am...

    And in that moment, I realized, that I could not ask for a more perfect existance... I have all I need, and am surrounded by other beings who love and value me... what more could I possibly ask for!!!!!!
  • edited August 2009
    Well, on Redbubble I explained that the poem is about not going off track because of love or attraction or lust, keeping things in proportion, not believing in false gods... Seeing the beauty of the world and not letting it pale into insignificance because you met someone who is essentially only human - and then thinking the world outside is just grey.

    I don't know if it's a good poem. I don't know if any of my poems are good. But when I wrote this I felt soothed and like I'd expressed something deep inside and that for me is very important.

    So this is why I shared it on here - it's to do with what buddhism has taught me about romantic love and delusions, real love and compassion.
  • LesCLesC Bermuda Veteran
    edited August 2009
    Sorry, if I missed the point... it is very good. Now, I'll have to go read up as penance for my lack of understanding.
  • BrigidBrigid Veteran
    edited August 2009
    I think it's a wonderful poem, Sara, and the subject matter is very close to my heart. When I went into the 'cave' for the last of too many times I was so deeply deluded I almost lost myself completely. I learned the same thing about romantic love that you learned and I'll be forever grateful for it. Blessed Dhamma indeed.
  • edited August 2009
    Thank you so much Brigid - aren't we much better off now? Unbelievable huh! Hugs
  • BrigidBrigid Veteran
    edited August 2009
    SO much better off it's crazy! Hugs right back.
  • edited August 2009

    Reminds me of Dogens poems if you change"love" with "samsara/attachments" or something. :D
  • edited August 2009
    Well I put the link on Facebook. My friends were all tutting over my description of love as a cave. They think I'm in a hardened cynic post-crap-relationship phase and it'll pass.

    I am glad you guys have seen above and beyond that it restores my faith in peoples' general understanding.

  • LesCLesC Bermuda Veteran
    edited August 2009
    sara wrote: »
    They think I'm in a hardened cynic post-crap-relationship phase...

    You mean you're not a hardened cynic? Awwww.... that's what I loved about you!!! :lol:
  • edited August 2009
    No I really am not :) I never have been thank goodness. I try daily not to let myself get like that although believe me it would've been easy ;)
  • edited September 2009
    Hi Sara...
    Wow, i'm breathless..:) That was awesome! Even your opening to the poem pulled me in. I can't really relate but there were some points in it that made butterflys in my stomach.

    Hold tight
    Be patient
    as the world turns.
    Time won’t keep up
    with your beating heart
    and your rasping breath.
    Won’t sympathise with your feelings of lust.
    ( I LOVE THIS!!!!!)

    Heh anyways i'd really like to see more, you're emotion takes me by storm and i'm inspired to share with you some of my own if that's ok?
  • edited September 2009
    Hi Cameran,

    Wow! Thank you for posting that you've really made me feel wonderful and I only just got up :)

    You can follow my blog and interact on there and all of my poetry is on red bubble.

    All is in the signature.

    I hope to share ideas etc. with you soon :)
  • edited September 2009
    Pardon my language but HOLY SHIT! Sara haha...
    I don't have a redbubble account so i'm just going to drop a couple of thoughts here if i may.. :)
    I first started reading your poem about the Eucalyptus Trees in Athens and I had to look up what Athens even was lol..but that place is Gorgeous! and your imagary was awesome..It has me curious as to what the smell was lol. :) heh i'm not going to comment on all of them in here (i think it may be a little weird for you to see your work on here) but just one little stanza that really made me just...i don't know! hah i can't explain was from The Unquestionned Tyranny of Thoughts -

    A thought is not a feeling
    but it can unclench one.
    It can convince us we are something
    other than ourselves.
    Like at a fancy dress party,
    we are ourselves, only distorted.
    But still we take ourselves seriously. lol
    (sorry to kiss ass i just love poetry) lol
  • edited September 2009
    Well my ego must need some work cos your comments have put in a tear in my eye. This is not good. It's only 9am ;)
    Chat soon,
    Sara x
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