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Poetry - Escaping An Escape

edited September 2009 in Arts & Writings
Hey folks sara has inspired me to put a little something in here so
before I begin I just wanted to relate a bit with you guys...
Have you ever found something as an escape? Like a long drive after a heated discussion with a lover? or just a place that you go when your head is tied in so many knots that you don't know where to begin?
This poem is actually about that place that you go to but you find yourself going there so frequently that-that place even becomes stressful.

Escaping an Escape

The scenery grows pale,
As cold air swims within the room,
It applies my breath stroke with the lonliest of colors.

Standing in a hallway;
With my back crutched against the wall,
I begin to adapt with the lights flicker...

Arguments from the room beside me,
Seep threw cracks in the door
Although it's trickle like whispers
Remain within harbor,
My hollow shell feeling listens well.

The echoes, sway threw me
A drunk emotion staggering with reckless footsteps
Grasps upon anything that is willing to hold it.

The hurtful words,
Result in my numbness.
My numbness,
Structures hurtful words.

Lingering behind my teeth
That I keep clinched,
Because I know if I speak
My speech is no longer limber enough
To hold my tongue.

Tensions in the air,
It soars thick enough to swallow.
So I try to hold my breath and -
Picture a place more comforting
Only to find my illustrated consolations
A memory of clogged emotion
Along sallow walls.....

Adapting to the lights flicker.

:) Thanks for listening.


  • edited September 2009
    I have had a quick guilty look at this (I am already at work and not supposed to be on here - lol) but wow! I will sit down and absorb this tonight. It looks great and I see we have similar styles. xx
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