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Sunday in an empty house.

edited September 2009 in Arts & Writings
Heh howdy yall, I've come to the realization that i've been posting more threads than actual replies SORRY! :) heh i'm going to try my best to work on that from now on, anyways I really just had to share this with someone.

I just wanted to note a little bit on what i'm beginning to understand,

It's that in life you must be paitent, although circumstances get rough
don't hide from your problems but dig deep into them. Literally,
get a shovel and push through every last piece of dirt until you find the root
that has been decaying the tree so to speak. Also don't be afraid to hold
anything back because, well i can't really answer that i'm still learning on that one.
I've been reading the introduction of "After the ecstasy the laundry" By whoever. lol
what i've learned from this intro is that you're never going to recieve that
peace and compassion you seak by yourself, that not just helping others
but actually engaging in every aspect with them is important. Now i'm not saying
you are to be forced with doing things that you are not comfortable doing,
but just..i dunno, feeling with them..sharing your journey with theirs.
This isn't always easy like the book said even the greatest of guru's and
teachers STILL have problems, but that just may be the beauty in it.
Sorry also a quick note that just dawned on me, even learning the ways
of the buddha, learning the ways of god and peace, when you feel the time is right,
share with people because even though these are great emotions and feelings,
you could still be bottling them inside you, thus leading to more suffering. :)
- Cam : September 27 2009

(Lol reason for the title being that i'm moving and the only thing in the house now is a computer that i've been drawn to, sort of as an escape from know)
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