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I make jewelry...

edited October 2009 in Arts & Writings
Hi, I haven't properly introduced myself. Maybe I should do that here since I'm a creative soul. I am in the throes of a difficult situation. My mother has passed away, along with 3 brothers and my father died 21 years ago. My sister-in-law just passed away last week.

My difficult situation is this: I am executor of my mom's estate. My surviving brother and sister are both mentally ill. I am being very much tested as they run amok. There's a simple answer, the estate gets distributed by the book, how my mom had it written. Period. The difficulty comes in juggling these toxic personalities.

I have been studying Buddhism for about 10 years. I am very half-a$$ed about it. I confess, I am a half-a$$ed Buddhist.

I am getting a lot of pleasure reading some of the joking around. I get it!!

I feel some peace reading some of the more serious, contemplative stuff.

Thank you everyone for that. :)

Here's a sample of my art:


and this was an auction piece - it sold!!




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    I should also say that when I feel "down" creativity gets squelched. I get really bummed. So reading around a bit here really does help. It really is a big part of me.
  • federicafederica Seeker of the clear blue sky... Its better to remain silent and be thought a fool, than to speak out and remove all doubt Moderator
    edited October 2009
    The jewellery is absolutely beautiful.


    As for your yukky toxic situation, talk about having to generate compassion....
    Hell, I don't know how I'd cope....
    If you can at all engineer it, communicate with them only by mail, and keep all correspondence until this is all done.
    Then, remove yourself from them and avoid being with them.
    It's as I've said before, The Buddha never said anything against Self-Defence and it counts in any way you'd like to consider it.

    The Dalai Lama stated that the purpose of Life is to be happy, and to make others happy.
    In that order.
    because unless we can achieve true constant inner happiness for ourselves, and be serene and content, we can never genuinely engender that for others.
    Look after yourself.
    If anything you do entails self-sacrifice, ask yourself whether it is justified and genuine, or 'martyrish'.
    Never give an inch if you don't have to, but avoid doing anything out of indignation or anger.....
    These are all just words, and it's difficult to know how to really be supportive being so distant, but I hope you manage to see your way through this.
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    Federica.. will you rock me, please? j/k

    Stones= top pic: Larimar, w/sacred conch medallion; bottom: Chinese turquoise/carved pi xiu jade skull.

    I so appreciate your words of support. Everything I do is out of personal integrity. I made a promise to my mom and realized I was the only one with the administrative and legal skills. I'm 2nd to youngest.

    I can't wait till it's all over with. I plan to focus on my daughter and help her to develop into a functional adult who has the tools to lead a happy life.

    I forgot to mention I have a niece who's 34 and totally sane. She's in the will as an equal "sibling(heir)" along with her mother, myself and my brother. I'm starting to dialog with her like a sister. She gets it, so I get a bit of relief, only our communications are rare and brief. She's very torn about her mom, but she may have to take responsibility for her soon, just as I had to take power of attorney for my mom as her mind deteriorated more and more.

    Thanks again for the lovely words of support. I'm taking it all to heart. I'm reminded of why it was I had the "small doses" kind of relationship I kept with my sibs before.
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