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Pali in Kharosthi script for a tattoo

edited October 2009 in Arts & Writings
Hello everyone!

So...i have been looking for days now for the dhammapada verse 174 in Pali Kharosthi/maybe Brahmi scripts.. I just can't find it anywhere. It's for a tattoo i'm really looking forward to get.. although, it's gonna be hard getting it if i don't even have the script.

Does anyone have what i'm looking for, or know where to find it? I'm very thankful for any help i might get!

One more thing: the reason i choose kharosthi/Brahmi scripts for The pali tattoo is because i've heard thoose 2 are the oldest SCRIPTS and were to be written in Pali in ancient times? Am i right? (When they first started to write pali they wrote it with kharosthi/Brahmi scripts so to say)? I want it as "real" as it can get - so if it's the oldest script and from india, it's good. :)



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    Multiple threads. See "The Lotus Lounge".
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