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Two drawings - the feel of Dharma and practise of Buddhism

edited January 2010 in Arts & Writings
Here's two drawings i did, i've not drawn for a while and really enjoyed making these.

Here's a sunset over a hill, on a tree, with some nice colours..
here's a picture of a man with the words "nam myoho renge kyo" over his torso. nam myoho renge kyo is the common chant used in nichiren buddhism.
Hope you like!



  • cazcaz Veteran United Kingdom Veteran
    edited January 2010
    Very nice you've got some good skills :)
  • FyreShamanFyreShaman Veteran
    edited January 2010
    The figure seems to have Japanese ideograms - katakana maybe?
  • edited January 2010
    It is Japanese yes, i'm not farmiliar with katakana sorry. It's the lotus sutra, the title.
  • cazcaz Veteran United Kingdom Veteran
    edited January 2010
    Im not overly familar with nichiren it seems to be rather obscure and not very well mentioned amongst those on forums, as there anything other then chanting ?
  • FyreShamanFyreShaman Veteran
    edited January 2010
    Ah, now I understand. Sorry, I skipped over the explanation. Of course, the Lotus Sutra.
    I've seen Kanji and Katakana, but I'm definitely no expert. I think Nichiren used Kanji at times

    Caz - read the Lotus Sutra - it's wonderful. And maybe this as an intro:

    The spiral of energy around the figure reminds me of the spiral of energy depicted in Chi Gung, specifically Iron Shirt. ;)
  • cazcaz Veteran United Kingdom Veteran
    edited January 2010
    Thanks yeshe. :)
  • DhammaDhatuDhammaDhatu Veteran
    edited January 2010
    Nice. Thanks. :)
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