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Technical Problems

edited January 2010 in

I've had a technical problem. This has happened quite a few times. When I post sometimes, during my typing, it logs me out so when I try to post it says oculd you please log in and then I lose EVERYTHING and that's a bit annoying when I lose a really long post that took me ages, (but now I look at it as an opportunity to practice patience).

Can it be fixed?


  • fivebellsfivebells Veteran
    edited January 2010
    Are you accessing the site from a computer you own? It sounds like your cookies are being expired, which public machines are sometimes configured to do for privacy reasons.
  • edited January 2010
    Yes, I'm using my own computer, well the family's computer. It only happens on this site though, not in any other forum I've been on.
  • fivebellsfivebells Veteran
    edited January 2010
    Hopefully the site owners will see this. They may be able to see more of what's going on, depending on what analytics they collect on site visits.
  • FyreShamanFyreShaman Veteran
    edited January 2010
    Yes, I noticed it happening yesterday. I always tend to 'copy' any longer posts before sending them. Sometimes the 'Back' button on the browser enables you to return to what you wrote - and 'copy' it before trying to send it again.
  • LincLinc Site owner Detroit Moderator
    edited January 2010
    Before you login, check the Remember Me box. That will set a cookie to keep you logged in. Without it, your session will time out in 15 minutes.
  • edited January 2010
    OK. I'll do that. Thanks!
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