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On the Avatar!

edited February 2010 in Arts & Writings
The second part of piece 102 (On duality for demons as only “beings”) is devoted to the “bad”, after all 102 does represent duality.
We cannot only speak of the “good”; we must speak also of the “bad”; the “bad” are indispensable to chose to be “good”: how would we be able to say we were good if they weren’t around too?
We need a touchstone then we can assert: “if these are bad then the others are good”.
I have already explained several times that the intentions of the ego, of loving identities, of good resolutions, of wanting to do, are all very interesting but it is also necessary to discover our “non-being”.
After all, somebody must pull the strings of the “avatar puppet”…
What will your Avatar be?
The Intellect, The Soul and the Spirit: this is the Avatar that moves the “puppet”, those puppets that act in life and are concerned with their trivial “things”.
The “puppet” is physical, sensations, astral, hormones and mind.
What drives the “puppet”? The wind as it blows.
The “puppet” is moved by the wind; it is moved by all the natural elements around us.
Thank you for having been active, even reading hundreds of Useless Words, some in one direction, some in another, some in one way, some in another…. Driven by events, life, problems, fears, the little things that take our fancy and move the more “corpulent”, more concrete being: the “puppet” you are all dealing with.
It’s the puppet who’s been participating so far.
In many of you there have been “flickers of Avatar”, of the One inside.
We say Avatar now because it’s the title of a film (1), in the future we’ll say something different.
On some occasions we have also spoken of this as “intellect” (one part), or “entanglement”, defining it in a rather technical manner (sub-nuclear physics) ...
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