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zen begging


lately i've been going out into the town when i can and zen begging with a goal in mind
i've actually made $12 so far and even though the street is a loud place to meditate it has been good zazen
like this guy


but without the hat

i think when people see this they take me for a fool, but i honestly don't know what else to do.


  • RichardHRichardH Veteran
    edited May 2010
    You are an interesting an eccentric guy Pietro. Your art is very raw.
  • edited May 2010

    just like papa :lol:
  • mettafoumettafou Veteran
    edited May 2010
    do you really want to go to new york?
  • PalzangPalzang Veteran
    edited May 2010
    Yeah, why would anyone look for love in NY?! :)

  • edited May 2010
    i used to live in NY, for 2 years
    i have a really good friend who resides there , and to be with him is true love by itself, because he's like my soul twin, not my soul mate, but when i;m around that old bugger, i am more around myself
    and in new york, going on a journey to new york, even if i dont find "TRUE LOVE" there, i will still find it
    it's all in the journey
    this journey is a golden diamond in the earlobe
    it's to be put in the very ocean-flow of the earth
  • mettafoumettafou Veteran
    edited May 2010
    have you been to mro?
  • edited May 2010
    no, when i was in ny i didnt even know what buddha was
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