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The Forlorn Wayfarer

nakazcidnakazcid Somewhere in Dixie, y'all Veteran
edited June 2010 in Arts & Writings
For long I wandered
In a dark and trackless wilderness
Without guiding star
Or traveling companion

One day I looked up and realized that
There were lights shining brightly above.
But which should I choose?

One led to transcendence
The path of mystics and prophets
Another guided its aspirant to a more worldly fate
A life of hearthfires and domesticity
Still another brought its seeker power and glory
But also emptiness and cruelty

Bewildered, I followed first one than the other.
As I chased those celestial lights
I discovered other travelers,
Some lost and confused as I was,
Others sure of their path.

As I exchanged tales with these strangers
I found a common hope among them all:
That at the end of their journey would be sublime bliss.
To my surprise, I found myself savoring their company.
And thus I found my purpose;
To help my fellow pilgrims find their own star.


  • edited June 2010
    In dreaming sight lost on waking
    There rose a star of golden hue
    Moving beyond the simple joy
    I found no path in all the blue

    "Awake", "Awake" my lady cried
    As the wind began to sing
    A whistling harmony that tried
    To bring a fresh breeze to everything

    I half remembered some tale
    About a man that's king
    I set my sights on a simple fate
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