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For those with doubts about their meditation...

JeffreyJeffrey Veteran
edited June 2010 in Arts & Writings
From Ocean of Dharma by Trungpa Rinpoche:

If you have any doubt about whether you're doing the meditation practice right or wrong, it doesn't matter that much. The main point is to have honesty within yourself. Just do what you think is best. That is called self-truth. If truth is understood by oneself, then you cannot be persecuted at all, karmically or any other way. You're doing your best, so what can go wrong? Cheer up and have a good time.


  • GuyCGuyC Veteran
    edited June 2010
    Excellent advice!
  • edited June 2010
    That is comforting. I can focus, and clear my mind, but I think movies and prejudices planted the idea in my head there would be some magical crystalizing point or something. I always worried that I was doing something wrong because nothing I read really clearly explains the feeling of being in a meditative state other than as being in a state of pointed concentration, which I could do easy, so I know it's more than that.
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