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This moment

edited June 2010 in Arts & Writings
No past, no future,<o></o>
When I live at this moment,<o></o>
There is only what I’m doing now,<o></o>
What I am now, what I experience now.<o></o>
I feel the air brushing against my face when I walk,<o></o>
I feel how my heel is touching the floor,<o></o>
Feel the shoe in-between.<o></o>
I feel how I’m breathing,<o></o>
How the air is streaming into my nose,<o></o>
How my lungs are filling up.<o></o>
This is it. I’m breathing in, I’m breathing out.<o></o>
I see the raindrops hanging from the edge of the garden-table<o></o>
And it’s still.<o></o>
I hear a playing child<o></o>
And it’s still.<o></o>
I can smell the rain<o></o>
And it’s still.<o></o>
Time is still, space is still.<o></o>
This is it. I am still.<o></o>
Only this moment is the most important moment of my life,<o></o>
Moment after moment,<o></o>
When a drop falls onto a leaf<o></o>
With a pat that I can only see,<o></o>
That is the most important moment of my life.<o></o>
When I wash a glass,<o></o>
That is the most important moment of my life.<o></o>
When I peel an apple, now, this is it.<o></o>
Moment after moment,<o></o>
The eternal now.<o></o>
Now there is silence,<o></o>
And everything is alright,<o></o>
This moment,<o></o>
Every moment,<o></o>
Moment after moment,<o></o>
This moment.<o></o>
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