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A beautiful story

BrianBrian Detroit, MI Moderator
edited December 2004 in Buddhism Today
While not necessarily a "buddhist" story, This story on CNN really caught my attention today.

Kamma in action.

It all comes back to you. What a great story. Good for her. Now if we could only get the media to report more stuff like this :(


  • edited December 2004
    Yes, I saw that earlier today and thought that was just great for her. The media has been doing an okay job, I also saw a story about an anonymous tipster who insisted that his $40,000 reward be donated to charity. Thats not kamma in action, but its certainly will help build some good kamma.

    And ya know, the real benefit of having these kind of stories widely reported is that I think they help to inspire other people to do some good. At least I think the positives would multiply. (Just my thoughts as an aside)
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