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A Special Day

edited June 2010 in Sanghas
I feel quite blessed today.

Luang Ta Ma visited our house in the morning. He came down from Chiang Dao from the main temple site. He is one of the senior monks in Northern Thailand, and he has been my wife's master for about three years. Luang Ta Ma is associated with the forest tradition; he meditated in the forests/caves for about two decades before he started his own monastery. He has now established six or seven other monasteries.

We took the opportunity to offer food to the monks and to make financial contributions to the sangha. We also invited about 20 friends and other disciples to join us. Luang Ta Ma gave me some meditation advice and encouraged all of us. What a great day. What a great opportunity. :)

Cheers, Thomas


  • TreeLuvr87TreeLuvr87 Veteran Veteran
    edited June 2010
    That sounds incredible!! Glad you had the experience Thomas!
  • edited June 2010
    Sharing your joys, food offering and contribution. May all living beings also have the opportunity to share with you your wonderful experiences :)
    Om Mandi Padme Hum
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